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THANK YOU alllll for showing up to the mini scratch the surface hang out on all things boundaries, self love, relationships, parenting and yeaaa all things.  

Here we Gooooo…..One hourish virtual class on self love, forgiveness, relationships, parenting and boundaries on Tuesday February 5th at 7:30pm EST for $25. Let’s do this!


We’re going deep. I’m not taking things lightly this year about my life and all the things that come with it and either should you.


“If you don’t take your boundaries seriously, nobody else will.”


This is why I created this. To go deeper, to ask ourselves the sometimes harder questions, and to understand ourselves and our boundaries a little better and with more clarity on what we WANT. We can have the self discipline with compassion, love and forgiveness to rock ourselves into motivational beings.


Are you ready to let in MORE of what you want with GRACE and ease through JOYFUL experiences? I thought so because I do too. Here’s what you can expect some, good aha moments, journal prompts for clarity and a beautiful meditation.


Click here to register and then wait for the finer SUPER easy virtual details to arrive in your email. I’m super excited to be talking about this and I really REALLY DEEPLY AND TRULY BELIEVE IN YOU. Let me guide you deeper to get more GOODNESS into your WORLD, I KNOW I CAN guide open you up to it.





“I will take the time I need for me today to be quiet and listen to my Higher Power as I gently make new discoveries and gain new wisdom.”


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