“If you want to change the world go home and love your family” Mother Teresa

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Hello Summer!!


Summers my favorite time, schools out, beach days, pool days, sunshine, vacations, taking it slower, but filling your time with all the magical things of FUN.


For those of you that are new here….WELCOME and let me tell you a little about my world.


I’m a mama of 3 tiny humans, two boys 7 & 5 and a princess who’s 2. I always knew that I someday babies would come into my world but I never knew, or quite understood how much they would change me.


Of course everyone tells you and you agree because you know it’s true but there’s something even deeper about the change for me.


I’ve peeled layers and layers back, (still am) of who I used to be, with each babe I’ve worked even harder in striving to be consciously aware of my words and reactions, I love harder, forgive easier, I’m the most honest I’ve ever been (because it FEELS GOOD) and I really truly believe these little humans have made a HUGE impact on my spiritual awakening. (And these things don’t happen everyday, mamas and papas ya feeeeeel me) 


I’ve heard the call, I’m a healer, intuitive spiritual coach, spiritual teacher, writer, believer in all things magic, a student of my children, a conscious parent and I AM constantly a student in this great big world leaning into my JOY as much as possible.


I do what it takes. (Imagine dragons is currently playing and its inspiring me like crazy)


I love this world, I love this life, I LOVE hard and deep and consciously the imperfectly perfect human that I  am, which then trickles onto my tribe. (husband included) 


As much as I work with adults, I think it’s equally important to work with children. I mean they are OUR FUTURE and so innocent and pure until they believe otherwise.


It brings me to tears when I think of healing and helping and guiding our children to LOVE THEMSELVES FULLY and DEEPLY.


To help them remember all along this timeline that they are safe, they are healed and they are whole.


SO with further ado here’s the details on my first kids workshop….


Calling all mamas and papas and anyone who’s in charge of raising the vibes of your little ones…


Come one come all…and let’s make a self made, self love Affirmation banner. Come get some good vibes and build some confidence and self love for our little ones.


Sunday July 8th (rain date July 22nd) from 10:00-11:00 am for $15 per child and $5 for any siblings (so 2 kids $20 ) at Kendrick Park at the end of Grandview Ave in Wallingford.


This is geared towards ages 5 and up (they’ll need some assistance with spelling and stringing the banner) .


This banner will symbolize how they feel about themselves. We will talk about the importance of talking to yourself with kindness, love and acceptance. How they are special and unique and most of all THEMSELVES .


And then they get to create their own I AM statements, create their banner and hang it wherever as a reminder to themselves of just how amazing they are.  Super cute. 


My favorite part about doing this is when I did the trial run today with my kids, their smiles after they read their sentences out loud to me melted my heart and reminded me that this IS what it’s all about, building them UP with loving themselves so fiercely. 


My oldest Luke said, “this made me feel really goood, I want to do more things like this.”


The funny part is we say these things almost every morning, but this WAS different, this WAS special, and this made him reflect more and think more about how much he loves himself. (Insert the tears here as I heard this and witnessed this ).


It’s going to be a fun love filled morning with some pretty awesome meaning behind it. .


Message me, anyway and let me know if you’re going to come!!! Supplies will be provided for everyone!! RSVP by July 7th

Click here to register

One child

Two kids

Check out the Facebook event details here as well to RSVP

“If you want to change the world, go home and love your family.” Mother Teresa

So much love and APPRECIATION,


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