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Hey Ya’ll,


In case you missed it last night I went live on my facebook and instagram pages (click it to watch) and talked about mindset in this big ole world of life. I shared what mindset means and how important and crucial it is to your spiritual and life’s growth, and of course the reason why you want to always being working on yourself for your own desired growth.

It went a little like this, (it’s funny because sometimes I have a plan of what I want to share and most times I end up intuitively just going with it because well it’s what we end up all needing in that exact moment) but anyway it basically went like this…….

What does mindset mean? It means a belief, a thought, or a story that is imbedded in us that makes us think and feel the way we do. Sometimes it’s bigger than we know and other times its a simple shift in the way we think.

It’s that area in your life where you may feel exhausted, run down, sick of the shoe always dropping, you may not be happy about it and you keep getting the same results when you’re trying to change this part of your life no matter what you do, or you may simply just know there’s a better way to think about things.  Either way, if you’re like me then you know how it goes…..

Basically it goes like this…..

For example, I shared how I used to keep quiet when confrontation came to me. And not the keep your nose in your own business quiet (because sometimes we NEED to do that) but the kind of quiet that disrupted MY TRUTH of who I was. I let people “take the easy way out because it was easier for them and I thought me to let things BE than to disrupt the waves” until I had a come to Jesus moment and realized if I didn’t change (in other words begin to speak up for myself) NOTHING was going to change.

I had this core belief that I was meant to keep quiet and was ashamed and thought who was I to speak my truth or WANT what I wanted in life. Crazy right?! Well my approach changed and my life changed when I began to honor myself and heal that belief of “it’ll get better with time if I just stick it out”. And to keep things clear and honest here, I STILL use these tips and tricks ALL THE TIME.

Any belief or thought can be shifted, healed, allowed, loved, and celebrated. There are fabulous mindsets that fuel US and LIFT US with love and positivity and then I went there and talked about the not so pretty mindsets that make us feel small, fearful, shamed, stuck, and not so great.

The beauty in any mindset is that it can evolve and grow as you do. Aka you can kick it to the curb and live more freely.

I truly believe it is necessary for your personal development in growth to dive into what’s underneath the feeling, belief and story that’s creating your reality. (Is this a mindset or a spiritual truth….lol I know the truth and it’s a darn good belief that I’ve acquired from many of my teachers and mentors.)

There will always be things were growing through, that’s the fun part, the exciting part of shifting and changing and reaching and achieving. Us humans get a thrill out of GROWING AND CONQUERING things of all sizes big or small, we love to win.

You CAN shift your beliefs about whatever area in your life that your struggling with. You can do it. You just need the guidance, reassurance and support to get you there.

Let me show you.

Enrollment for Mindset Healing is now officially open and runs from October 14th – October 16th with 20-30 minute videos each day with room for Q & A. Depending on the size of the group and all the little details we will meet via a facebook group orrrrr a webinar type style, either way all you have to do is click the link and show UP once you’ve committed.

We will meet..

Monday October 15th @ 8:30pm EST

Tuesday October 16th @ 8:30pm EST

Wednesday October 17th @8:30pm EST

(And if you can’t make the live video, a replay will be sent to you.)

All for $30…..All videos will be around the timing of 20-30 minutes long. (Practical and affordable)

I WANT you to show up. I WANT you to believe in yourself and above all I want you to transform your beliefs so you transform your life.

Click here to sign UP through paypal or here through venmo (or you can message me if you prefer in person good ole cash) and then I’ll be popping into your inbox soon with the details. 

I’m so excited to teach this mini series and I welcome you with OPEN arms and a big hug for allowing yourself to say YES.



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