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True Story


I sat down to write this blog and I grabbed my journal from 6 years ago to join me.


Do you know that the first page I opened to was telling my story of transformation, the moment when things drastically changed for me. When I realized that I was ALLOWED to stand up for myself, that I was ALLOWED to LIVE by taking RESPONSIBILITY for my life.


It was my first taste of spiritual FREEDOM and man did it FEEL GOOD. 


Six years ago.


Fresh air and sunshine, trust, willingness and COURAGE CHANGED ME.


Webster defines TRUTH as, “ the state of being the case, fact. The body of real things, events and facts.”


And Courage as, “ The mental or moral strength to persevere and withstand danger, fear, or difficulty.”




These definitions. And then I wrote this….


“Courage can mean so many different things yet all the same to every person. To have courage always relates to stepping out of your comfort zone towards something that you may fear but deeply desire. Not fear of figurative things but fear of the unknown, fear of trusting the plan, fear of that gut feeling and fear of taking action towards what you REALLY want and desire. We all have these fears but do we all have the COURAGE to face them head on? How can we truly “change”, grow and evolve if we aren’t willing to courageously go after it?”


OKKKKKK like FOR REAL you can’t make this up.


I realized as I read this I have taken SO MANY ACTIONS towards living with a COURAGEOUS HEART.


I’m not willing to settle (in a good way not a pushy way), it doesn’t feel good for me to “just get by”. (I  want to live with the least amount of regrets.)


I am FUELED by loving and accepting myself enough to step onto the edge of courage and free fall without knowing the EXACT outcome, but trusting in that gut feeling and desire inside me. And I WANT the same for YOU.


I mean you guys have seen me, heard me, watched me and KNOWWWW that this just isn’t me talking about this courage game, this is me living it.




Here’s what you’ll get when sign up for my 3 part series, “A Courageous Heart”


  • Clear direction on how you want to FEEL.
  • An understanding of what you WANT and DESIRE
  • A deep dive into what’s stopping you from FEELING this way and keeping you from having what you want.
  • How to understand if it’s intuition or fear.
  • How courage doesn’t just change you, it will becomes your guiding light through your everyday life.
  • I’m calling all mamas and papas, our kids NEED us to live in our truth because it affects them and I’ll tell you why. (everyday it affects them)
  • Let’s get real about your fears (we all have them)
  • Lose the grip on the anxiety, the fears, and the stress
  • Give you momentum and motivation to courageously say YES to your life.
  • How to incorporate courage into your everyday life


From six years ago to now, I can confidently say that courage has changed me. It has transformed my life. I’ve said yes to ME and the rest has fallen into you place, and I TRULY want the same for YOU.


If you sign up by today June 18th you get “A Courageous Heart” for $88 (regular $111)….this price comes with a one hour 1:1 session with me. ($100 value, I upped the time….why not!!!)


The cart will stay open until June 24th but the Bonus price of $88 and the 1:1 session doesn’t.


If you have the least bit of pang to sign up DO IT TODAY and get the early bird price and BONUS.


Click here for the break down of all the details and to SIGN UP.


Click here if you know the details and want to sign up!


Your life is rooting for you, your COURAGE is rooting for you and your intuition is rooting for you.


I’m rooting for YOU.


Much love,


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