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Hi Oil Lovers,

Today’s BOGO. Buy Cheer Roller ($16.25) get Motivate Roller FREE. ($15)

Here’s a little tip for the two oils today. The Motivate roller was my first oil EVER (be still my heart ) and it’s an awesome one for when you’re feeling lazy, stuck, and blah. Roll it on your wrists and neck and smell it and it helps pick you up.


Cheer is a funny story. So when I smelled it out of the bottle I wasn’t a huge fan (that happens sometimes and then they become your best friend) . It’s a stronger scent in the 5ml bottle, which makes the roller nice because it’s diluted to perfection. (Again just my personal experience ). Fast forward to now and I really enjoy it and I use it the most in this fun little way. I rub it in my hands and then rub it alllll throughout my hair. Soooo whenever I’m feeling a little out of sorts this is my hair go to so that I smell it for most of the day and TRULY feel uplifted by it!  And people ask me what I’m wearing on those days.

Either way todays super cheapoooo deal is FOR your collection growth!! And who doesn’t want to get more motivation and cheer in their lives?

Buy the deal for $16.25 and get two rollers. Ahmazinggggggg

Rollers are super convenient to carry with you on the go for a quick swipe on your body and sniff and your good to go! Also great for kids since they’re pre diluted.

Let me know if you guys have any questions or anything. I’m HERE FOR YOU!

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