What do you secretly wish was true about your life right now?
What's the pattern you want to stop creating?
Have you ever imagined what it was like to live your most inspired, motivated and fulfilled life?
What does freedom mean to you?

You're here for a reason!
Our paths have crossed and it's time for YOU to put yourself first!
You are wearing so many hats to balance the juggling act of life, and now it's time for YOU to be a priority. It's time for you to step into your power and see that the only person that can make any authentic changes is YOU!
Here are my beautiful coaching packages to help put YOU into action, to help you achieve a better way of living and being, and to finally get past and through that feeling of being sick and tired of being sick and tired.
I'm here to help guide you, support you, and most of all honor and love you through some of the most amazing times. You're about to take back your life, and live freely.
The absolute BEST way to see your life changing results is to stick with me for 8-12 sessions, it's about consistency and YOU CAN DO IT!
For my serious peeps who are ready to set this world on fire, (not really but kinda) this is for you!

1:1 Coaching

We meet or chat on the phone for 1 hour two times a month, you can choose from a 6, 9, or 12 week package. This is an intimate, inspirational dive into what you want to shed and where to focus to receive and achieve fulfillment.

Group Coaching

This is for a small group between 3-5 people that are energetically aligned and looking for the same type of healing and guidance. We meet or chat for 90 minutes once a month. This is a great way to begin your journey with a friend or two and to begin finding your soul tribe.

Discovery Call

This is a 20-30 minute free phone call to see what your looking for. It's a way to connect and discover what your motivation is, and where you want to go with it. This connection is vital in revealing all there is to offer and look forward to for YOUR new way of being.

Hell yes!!!!


Judgement Detox Book Club!

Let’s do this, where we meet up webinar style or Facebook live (whichever works for those committed), talk about the book, talk about our personal experiences, be honest, hold ourselves accountable and WALK our TALK of judgement detox!!!

Judgement detoxing is NO JOKE, and yet it is one of the MOST FREEING things you can do for yourself to live a better life. To be so vulnerable and honest with yourself about the deep core beliefs on where these feelings are coming from is pure FREEDOM.

Here’s what you get:

Let’s meet 3 times, Tuesday January 23rd, February 6th,  February 20th at 8:30pm for 30 minute online meetings, the recordings you will receive if you can’t make it live!! And let’s take it a step further, let’s also be part of an amazing support group that I’ll create on facebook where we can chat WHENEVER for all us detoxing!

$30….. 3 hang outs, either webinar style or facebook live, whichever suites everyone that have signs up.

Here’s your reason to sign up….

You’ll get some serious truth and accountability, and the most important part of going through anytype of detox is the support you have SUPPORT!

Let us be guided, let us detox our judgements and let us create a sacred space of unity, oneness NO Judgements and LOVE!!!

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Join me in a recent LIVE Monday Meditation.

I often go Live on my personal Facebook page to share thoughts, motivations, and lead a group meditation.

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Working with Stacy has been game changing for me.  You might think that an hour every week or so... what’s the big deal?  I am a busy mom and entrepreneur with a deep desire to find peace, congruity, and unlock the fullest joy I can in my life.  And while I know I have a good sense of the “work” I need to do, Stacy has a warm, REAL, and honest way of helping you gain so much clarity and unpack the stuff (because we all have stuff!) without doing the work for you.  She is soulful, joy filled, and honest without judgement, and I can honestly say the few times we have worked together have made a huge impact on me, and I know it will for a long time to come.” 

Let's Do This

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