Judgement Detox Book Club


Hell yes!!!!
Let’s do this, where we meet up webinar style or Facebook live (whichever works for those committed), talk about the book, talk about our personal experiences, be honest, hold ourselves accountable and WALK our TALK of judgement detox!!!

Judgement detoxing is NO JOKE, and yet it is one of the MOST FREEING things you can do for yourself to live a better life. To be so vulnerable and honest with yourself about the deep core beliefs on where these feelings are coming from is pure FREEDOM.

Here’s what you get:

Let’s meet 3 times, Tuesday January 23rd, February 6th,  February 20th at 8:30pm for 30 minute online meetings, the recordings you will receive if you can’t make it live!! And let’s take it a step further, let’s also be part of an amazing support group that I’ll create on facebook where we can chat WHENEVER for all us detoxing!
$30….. 3 hang outs, either webinar style or facebook live, whichever suites everyone that have signs up.

Here’s your reason to sign up….

You’ll get some serious truth and accountability, and the most important part of going through any type of detox is the support you have SUPPORT!

I would NOT be where I am today with my judgements if it wasn’t for the amazing support of like minded people I had to help me along. I’ve been detoxing since November 2017, I still am, and I will share with you all my tips and tricks that have been my life savers. I am honored and confident in creating this space for you, I know it will be a game changer!

Let us be guided, let us detox our judgements and let us create a sacred space of unity, oneness NO Judgements and LOVE!!!!



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