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Hi Oil lovers,  


This ones for you, YES You. The you that’s reading and ready to transform.


I’m READY to go there with you…..I’ve been wanting to for a while and procrastination has gotten the best of me and since I’m on a mission to SERVE and truly truly be of VALUE & SERVICE in 2019 and for life, I’m not holding back, I’m getting out of my own way and rolling deep in oils.  


Essential Oils, Oils, Oils. I know you ALL have heard of them, some may use them, others may be thinking about them and some of you that don’t know about them, you’re in for a treat. Here’s my oil story. (if ya know it already scroll to the bottom for some oil class INFO THIS MONTH)


Oils, where do I even begin. This is the problem when you passionately believe in something and LOVE what its done for you, you have a hard time not blabbing on and on and focusing because there soooo much to cover. Let’s begin here. Oils have enhanced my life and my hubbys and kids too. I’ve reduced pain and healed infections, no joke ask Chris,  I’ve prevented sinus infections, helped clear away congestion, I’ve reduced nausea or upset bellies (mama bears), I’ve tamed a grouchy attitude, I’ve helped balance my hormones that can get wacky, I’ve made my skin feel and look more rejuvenated, I’ve eased a headache, I’ve helped myself feel more GROUNDED and RESTORED and my most favorite one is I’ve boosted ALL of our immune systems, and in my bones OILS have kept us healthier than ever.  And to think I’m not even telling you everything I use oils for. 


You may be thinking it’s a little woo woo, and trust me I do LOVE woo woo, but these oils, which are basically ancient Chinese medicine conveniently placed in a bottle for us new age peeps, have worked their magic right before my eyes, and for that reason you need to know about them. 


OK, so here’s my quick story on why I choose Doterra and my background on joining the oil tribe world. 


When I first joined the oil tribe I was so hesitant to be honest. I had been to a few demonstrations, I’ve heard and followed lots of people who have used them but I was NOT ready or willing to commit to ANOTHER thing, another cost, AND another thing to research. I resisted because my ego told me I wasn’t enough to endure these gems. I resisted because I knew deep down that I’d be upleveling and whenever that’s about to go down, the ego pops in to tell you don’t do it. At one point my intuition became stronger than my ego and that’s when I jumped. 


As we all know there are LOTS of oil companies out there. When I went to Gabby Bernstein’s Spirit Junkie masterclass level 1 in 2017, I was given my first ever doterra oil, the roll on motivate. I felt like I was being handed a golden ticket. Elena Brower who is a huge inspiring yogi and Doterra queen, told her oily story at that convention. It was inspiring and refreshing to hear her mission, to simply spread awareness in a holistic approach to heal ourselves and our families. No sales, no pitch, just compassionately healing with plants from Mother Earth. That opened my eyes to the well being side of things.

Like ok this isn’t just about someone wanting my sale, this is about finding ways to feel your best with the oils supporting your every moment. Right there I wanted to learn more. It was real. 


Ok so now you guys know I’m deeper into Doterra (which by the way Doterra means “Gift of the Earth”) and learning more about this oil company. This is what sold me, made me feel connected and when I knew Doterra was for ME and my tribe. I’ve learned that Doterra prides themselves in being the top global company with Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade quality protocol for each individual oil. There’s lots and lots of science behind all this so here’s the super short description on what each bottle gives you. The oils are patiently derived to their highest potential from all over the world, they harvest their oils from where the plant thrives naturally and with that it contains the MOST benefits for us users. A HUGE aspect for me is Doterra gives back to the world through their Healing Hands Foundation to empower communities and people to make positive changes in their lives, which speaks volumes to me. Not only can you use them in your diffuser and topically but you can INGEST them too! (not all, there’s a guide to go by), again another bonus for me was the pureness of them was enough for me to internally place them IN my body. 


Fast forward to now. I’m an oil girl, with lots to learn and lots to still buy (even though my husband says I own them all, I don’t YET.)  I’m lessening illness, I’m healing, I’m upleveling my life and vibes and I’m all around FEELING better than ever using the oils. 


I truly believe that whatever moment or season I’m in (because life and me are not claiming perfection) these oils WILL and DO SUPPORT ME. 


So how did I begin once I took the leap of faith and listened to my inner guide to get the oils. I reached out to my friend Jill and started out with an intro kit that felt good to me, and from there I just began to slowly use them. I would diffuse mainly, and just get a feel for them around my house and with myself. For sake of essential oil information overload I’ll leave you with this. 


If you’ve been thinking about trying essential oils and beginning your journey, go for it! BEGIN SMALL. There’s no rush, no need to feel overwhelmed, no need to KNOW IT ALL, it all begins with a small step forward, releasing the resistance and getting the oils in your hand and then using them to SUPPORT YOU. 


And let’s be REAL yes this was about oils, but it really IS related to LIFE. To transform and change, it all begins with a simple YES, releasing resistance and the willingness to take action. 


You guys know where to find me if you want to learn more about Doterra and my journey, so ask away and reach out! I’d love to support you on your oil journey because this life IS magical and I truly believe that I am extremely blessed to be walking this walk with the most amazing support system of fellow oil lovers and healers on the team that I have chosen. It’s so much more than just oils, this work IS about FEELING GOOD. Oh and when you join the oil gang, basically think of me being on speed dial for all your oil concerns or questions, and if you’re on social media your in for a treat with the education and information that we provide. It’s empowering! (Anyone that knows can attest to that.) 


For now, enjoy this moment. 


Ask yourself, do I think incorporating essential oils into my life would SUPPORT you?


And if you have oils already in your home, I encourage you to pull those bad boys out and commit to them more, (they’re secretly waiting for you) a quick tip is put them on your kitchen counter and in your bathroom and place them in places that will remind you when you SEE THEM  to USE THEM as needed. 


I never imagined I’d be where I am now with these oils when I first began and I think that’s a really cool part to this whole story. The oils speak for themselves. And the magic in FEELING GOOD is ALWAYS up to US. 


I’ll just be over here diffusing Adaptiv (their new heavenly calming blend) and Wild Orange and soaking up the good stuff.  


P.S. Good NEWS for my local peeps I’m hosting an in person OIL CLASS on November 15th @ 6:00pm at the most sacred place around. (if ya know, ya know 😉 )  This class is geared towards new or already oil lovers, we’ll cover the magic of oils, how to use them, and then a very personal guide to what oils would serve you best in this season of life. Message me and I’ll hook you up with all the details!!! Come and bring a like minded friend, And ya may leave with some goodies too. 





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