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Hi Lovers,


How are you? How have you been moving through this season of life?


Anyone else feeling the emotions and the back and forth of all that’s coming right now? There’s so much that’s happening with our inner world and our outer world, it’s a wild ride. Yet there IS SO MUCH GOOD that IS happening. I believe that. We’re showing up in new ways, donating in heartfelt ways, choosing to SEE & BE the positive, meditating more, moving more, cooking more, fueling ourselves in ways we didn’t have time for before, all while living through a pandemic. There’s real life, terrible things happening around us and when the world can be super confusing, we’re here, doing it. Figuring it out, navigating.

“What will feel good to me right now?”

That’s a question I keep close to me. I ask myself this often. I ask my kids. I think a huge part of this great big life is always reaching for ways to feel good. Pandemic or not. Feeling GOOD IS incredibly powerful and unique to us all. I give life to what I give energy to. Sometimes I underestimate a simple moment of feeling good, I even resist it at times. A nature walk, quick work out, time in the kitchen, good music, a quick meditation, unplugging, diffusing or wearing my oils, having a cup of tea, family game, a movie, watching the sunset, a puzzle, saying no, saying yes, simple, simple moments that give opportunities to lead me to moments of relief & clarity. I share this question with you in hopes that it helps your people and you like it does in our world.


If you’re in a moment of fear, impatience, humanness, this question can save you from spiraling down the rabbit hole. I can say this because I speak from experience, if ya know what I mean. We will always have moments, it’s just what we do with them when they show up, do we fuel them, talk relentlessly about it, obsess over it or acknowledge them, say hi to them and then say ok I’m ready to feel good, and refocus our attention onto feeling good. Don’t live there, ya know what I mean. Ya feel me?


That’s a little from what has been helping me these days. We’re in this together.


Now I wanna shift gears to my oil lovers. I’ll send out a seperate oily email but I wanted to just share here that next week I’m offering some oil education on your doTerra membership and the BOGO’s from last week. We’ll go over the 12 oils that were offered last week, and dive into, “you have your oils or new membership, now what?” If this sounds like your thing, reach out and I’ll send you the info.

P.S. Who’s been leaning onto their oils more these days? Our world is shifting, we’re waking up, we’re also going back to Mother Nature even more. We’re cleaning out, refocusing on our health and wellness and YOUR OILS are such a magnificent guiding light. Lean on them. Learn more about them. Trust them.


So much love for all of you that have taken the time to read this, I appreciate you. We’re in this together. We have so much to be grateful for, so much to learn, so much to let go of, so many opportunities to practice love vs fear. I see YOU.


Find your unique, beautiful, inner peace. You are safe, you are loved, you are perfect.





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