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Hi gang!!

Happy Friday!

I’m doing a little research over here and having some pretty inspiring conversations these days and I  wanted to share.


Let’s begin with giving yourself some love and gratitude. You did it this week. You conquered a moment where a year ago you would have spiraled down quickly. Not this year. Not right now. You are POWERFUL and you are in charge of your PEACE. I  know you know this. I  also know that it takes such courage and strength to GROW and learn and keep on going in that direction.


Keep going. Keep giving yourself the love that you deserve and find YOUR CALM.


For my oil peeps.


Wanna know where lemon and bergamot come from? I know I do. Click HERE and be amazed and overwhelmed with gratitude for this company that supports small passionate farmers ALL around the world. ENJOY this short clip and reach out and let me know if you felt the LOVE in that video.


Reach out if you wanna learn how to incorporate these plants from mother earth to support you. I’m in it for you.





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