Are you listening to your courage or your fear?

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Happy Monday,


I’m going straight for the whole shebang. I insanely want you to say yes to yourself. Yes to your life. Yes to the courageous committee of voices that live in your head and your gut to tell you to do those crazy things. I am not messing around when I tell you that I KNOW you will benefit from saying yes to my 3 part series, “A Courageous Heart”


Let me tell you why it is going to work.


Listen, I want that voice in my head that tells me I can’t have what I want to stop. I want it to stop telling me I’m not good enough for those things I dream about or that freedom I crave.


You see not that long ago, I listened to that voice. I listened to it tell me that I wasn’t good enough to do this work, I was too judgemental to be a spiritual teacher, nobody is listening and it had the nerve to tell me that I couldn’t make a difference in this big ole’ world. (Such a small minute scenario in this big ole world but when this is your passion and dream it’s kinda a big deal not follow it. It made a difference in how I was living ALL AROUND.)


That little, powerful voice stopped me in my tracks from being courageous, from taking the next step, from putting myself out there, from breaking those yucky negative thoughts, that little powerful voice kept me stuck and kept me small in my bubble, not living my life the way I wanted to. I wasn’t being the mom I wanted to be, I wasn’t being the wife I wanted to be, I wasn’t being WHO I WANTED TO BE, that’s a big deal, I was frustrated and ugh.


That small little voice instills fear in me and convinces me I’m alone, that no one gets it or understands being in MY shoes. That voice tells me I can’t have it all so stay in your safe zone because if you dare follow your courageous heart you may regret it.

Why does that voice not understand that my fears ARE NOT who I AM?


Doesn’t it know that I am BIGGER than that voice, stronger than that fear, braver and smarter?


But what the heck, I listened to that voice. Why do we do we do that? I know I’m not the only one out here that listens to it.


In real life, it does sometimes have some valid points but then there are those other times where it keeps us TOO safe and TOO small and in this tiny container of fitting in with what we’re told is the “right” way to be, with the “right” thing to do, when your gut and courageous heart KNOWS there is MORE.


I want that voice to quiet down, I want that voice to understand that I’m not just going to settle for what it thinks I “should” be doing. I want that voice to know that I CAN and I WILL have all that I desire and that I AM worthy. Period. No if’s, and’s or but’s.


Why do we barely listen to that courageous heart? The one rooting for us, the one pushing us in the direction of our peace, happiness and freedom. Why don’t we trust it?


What if I told you that we ALL have a courageous voice and a fearful voice, the question is which one do you listen to?


I can tell you the difference. I know when fear is around and I not only know when I’m listening to it but I’ve been to able to get myself away from it. I’ve been able to get out of the fear and move into courage, and now it’s your turn.


“A Courgeous Heart” is for you. That’s why I made it. To break through these moments of fear and smallness.


Those dreams, desires, and wants are not just with you for fun, they are with you to see if you have enough COURAGE to go AFTER THEM. They are MEANT FOR YOU.


You’re not alone, I’m building a life I love every damn day by listening to my courageous heart. (Even on the days where I am second guessing the heck out of myself and this universe.)  


I’m here for you. I want you to live fully, forget the fear, work through it, follow your path, keep your dreams within reach, be CALM, be HAPPY, be GRATEFUL, be PEACEFUL, be PRESENT and to be BRAVE enough to YES to the tiny whispers that are telling you YOU CAN.


Let’s drop the fear, let’s drop the excuses, let’s drop the stories that hold us back, let’s drop all of our circumstances and let’s realize that WE CAN BE WHO WE WANT TO BE.


Do it with me.

Click here and join me

Series 1 June 25th —“You CAN DO hard things”

Series 2 June 28th —“You DON’T have to figure it ALL out.”

Series 3 July 1st —“What does it feel like to BE BRAVE”


This series is $111 and will consist of 3 audio recordings that will be delivered to your INBOX starting June 25th. It’s up to 3 hours of content for you to listen to at YOUR OWN CONVENIENCE (YESSSS mama’s and busy bee’s this was made with YOU IN MIND). You can plug in your headphones (or not), hit play wherever whenever, hit pause if needed, pick back up again whenever life allows you to and repeat as much as needed!!! (It’s like a podcast type recording….super convenient)

Along with the audio recordings you’ll be added to the intimate facebook group where I will be live in it twice ON TOP of the 3 recordings (a $100 value)…WINNING…. (I’ll give you the dates and times when you sign up)


BONUS TIME…. if you sign up by June 18th your pay $88!!! That’s MORE THAN 20% OFF of the regular price of $111!!!

DOUBLE BONUS I just added a private 1:1 20 minute session to dive even deeper!! Yes that’s right another opportunity and reason to say YES!

Follow your courageous heart and LET’S DO THIS.






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