Let’s connect tomorrow night and take our boundaries a bit more serious

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Ok let’s connect. I’m talking self love, boundaries, relationships, parenting and all the things. I want you to have a kickass 2019 and LIFE and I TRULY TRULY believe in the importance of taking care of ourselves. Our spirits are craving for us to give ourselves the self love it deserves while continually checking in with our boundaries of what were allowing in and letting go of.


I’ll be on Instagram and Facebook live tomorrow 1/30 @ 8:00pm EST talking all about this. How can we distinguish and define our self love while creating loving boundaries in all relationships, parenting included!!


I’d LOVE to see you there! I’ll be sharing a pretty cool offer as well. If you can’t make it live Facebook so kindly will allow you to replay it at your convenience. I’m working on saving the videos to share them with you here TOO!


I can’t wait to CONNECT with you! We all deserve to have healthy, happy, respectful relationships.

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