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My oh my has it is a beautiful summer filled with all the things that make our hearts and souls happy. I’m soo into the farm stands right now and the ocean and all the late night summer fires and memories are being made as we enjoy the beauty of Mother Earth.

So as summer is quite busy and filled with amazingness, I am having a beautiful NIGHT OUT FOR YOU filled with an inspiring vision board event for you guys on Wednesday August 15th at 6:00pm.

Ok so what is a vision board and what is this event going to be like?

This super cute wooden vision board is going to be a reflection of YOU and what speaks to YOU and gets you inspired and motivated to reach for your own personal dreams and aspirations. This board is something that you can use for LIFE, and hang it or place it wherever your heart desires.

There is magic behind the power of the law of attraction and having visual reminders to bring your dreams to life and what better way than to create a super cute, wooden board. Your personal board will have a quote of your choice that speaks to your heart with an area of strings and clips to hang pictures big or small of your goals and dreams. The goal of this board and the uniqueness of it is for it to be interchangeable as you grow, blossom and dream. So picture this a cute crafty board where you can hang anything that reminds of you of the amazing things that are in store for your life.

This is a fun night of friends, like minded peeps and inspiration and creation. I’m going to link the exact details from the facebook event for those of you that don’t have social media and with that being said you can contact either me or Jackie from Words on Wood at 144 Center Street Wallingford CT 06492 at 913-991-5948 with any questions or to register.

I’m sooo excited to lead the meditation and to chat about living courageously while working towards your dreams. We’ll talk a little about the law of attraction and how it works and then about all the magic there is in believing in the beauty of TRUSTING THE UNIVERSE.

So here’s the exact description for you guys from the facebook event with the link to register too!!!

Remember this is a FUN NIGHT OUT where you can bring a friend, come solo, bring snacks, drinks and your loving self. I can’t wait to hang with you guys and create the most magical vision boards with YOU.


What better way to keep reaching for YOUR stars then by hanging a super cute motivational vision board around you to remind you of the bada** person that you are and are becoming. Let me tell you what’s unique about this vision board, you can add, take away and CREATE YOUR VISION and DREAMS ALL YEAR LONG, heck all life long, with the way it’s designed. Sign up today to reserve your spot – space is limited but you are not! We will be in our best creative space, making a vision board together.  

Let’s gather for a night of inspiration, motivation, meditation, and creation, as we courageously show up for our lives and take our dreams and desires to the next level. Join us to make the sign of your choice. Space is limited. Sign possibilities are endless. If you can dream it, we can put it on a sign. The signs will be designed for you with space for pinning inspiration for years to come!  You can choose from a variety of sign styles and stain colors. YOU choose your inspirational quote that will be the main focus of your vision board. The meditation will be led by Stacy Read. The creation process will be led by Jackie Valentine.

Click on the link and place your order specifics before we sell out. We are a BYOB establishment. We have a beautiful open bar area for you to bring drinks and snacks to share with your friends.  Please arrive 15 minutes early to check in, pour a drink and get ready for a fun event, creating your masterpiece!



Signs styles are as follows:
17” x 20” Rectangle $55

36” x 12” $65

24” Square $75

24 x 12” Framed $65

36 x 12” Framed $75

3 ft x 2 ft $95

If you don’t see a quote that speaks to you let us know by August 11th to create your special quote!!

We can’t wait to see you there!!




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