Let’s talk…feeling unbalanced, tired of the fear.

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Lean into more joy


Let’s talk.

Feeling unbalanced.

Tired of the fearful thoughts.

Exhausted by the lower vibes.

I feel you, I am you and I can help.


You feel unbalanced in the give and take in your world. Some days your conquering it all and other days your cup is emptied by 9:00 am.


You decided that it’s best to stay where you are right now instead of taking that leap of faith because the fear has overtaken your courage, and well it’s easier. But in you there’s this little voice that says, try that, read this, do this, don’t settle for feeling like this. Don’t block me out anymore, let me be healed so we both feel better and have more FUN.


You’re so damn grateful for all that you have and all that you are and everywhere you’ve been.


But you know there’s more. A way to FEEL better inside and not from anyone else but by YOU from YOU.


I’m here with you.


I combat the committee of fearful thoughts while I’m barely balancing life somedays. The trick I’ve learned is how to not live in these spaces and how to pull myself out.


What if I told you I can give you clarity on how to overcome the fears.


What if i could give you tips and tricks on how to combat the negative committee.


And what if I helped you get off the merry go round of exhaustion and fully dive into creating the feelings you want have.


I am a better human, partner, parent, friend and FEEL better when I take care of what’s going on in this mind of mine and that IS the main reason I created this little mini series.


We will meet in an online group LIVE.


Monday October 14th @ 8:30pm EST

Tuesday October 15th @ 8:30pm EST

Wednesday October 16th @8:30pm EST

(And if you can’t make the live video, a replay will be sent to you.)


All videos will be around the timing of 20-30 minutes long and the cost is $30!!! (Practical and affordable)


I WANT you to show up. I WANT you to believe in yourself and above all I want you to transform your beliefs so you transform your life.



Click here to sign UP through paypal or here through venmo (or you can message me if you prefer in person good ole cash)



Enrollment ends Friday 10/12/18, so hurry up and make it happen sister.

We are the ones we’ve been waiting for.




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