5 steps to give life to what you give energy to…..

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Ohhh Happy Day!!


It’s been a little bit since I’ve come here and bared all and I’m feeling the feels today to throw the mask and go there with you, so here we GOOOO.


No one wants to feel the guilt, shame or disappointment in harnessing into the thoughts that we attract the reality of our lives. We don’t. I know I don’t FOR SURE. I  also know that it doesn’t serve me in my game of spiritual growth as a human to turn an eye to what needs tending to. I’m fierce and feel like I go against society when I say this but I’m not willing to settle, I  want greatness and so should you.


It’s not easy to face your flaws, grow through change, and take ownership in your role as to what your attracting into your world.


Here’s where it gets tricky and hard. Figuring out that somewhere down the line your energy was or is focused on this particular area in your life and that in turn became a reality for you. In other words, the areas in your world that are filled with doubt, mistrust, fear, annoyance, aggravation, etc., need more love and attention to break you free.


So let’s break it down real quick and as simple as we can to bring more awareness to ourselves.


What you THINK becomes your reality.


For example, when we say things like, “I  always get sick this time of year.” or “it’s always something”, or have thoughts like, “I’m sure this will happen again.” or “this isn’t how its supposed to be, I don’t trust in my universe”. We are attracting those experiences.


You will get sick that time of year if you fuel that thought because girlfriend YOU ARE THAT POWERFUL.

You WILL have something negative happen again if you fuel that thought, YOU ARE THAT POWERFUL.

You will repeat that awful experience again because YOU ARE THAT POWERFUL.

Things may be harder to work out or come to life when you control and try to force and don’t trust because YOUR FAITH AND TRUST IS THAT POWERFUL.


I’m not saying this easy. Right now I’m fighting a million thoughts, I’ll share a few lighter ones. The thoughts of thinking that my kids don’t get along, they always fight, that my daughter is sassy and a powerful little thing, in not the best ways right now. That my husband needs to help me more. That I  feel alone sometimes…..the list goes on.  They are what I’m focused on so they are being fueled and in turn are ruling my world. I fuel it and SEE IT and FEEL IT and BELIEVE IT.


Here’s the best part though. I’ve accumulated all these magical spiritual tools to pull myself out of those downward spiral thoughts before it gets real bad. First up, feel them and live them. Ya gotta live in it and then get sick of your BS to then recognize it and change it. Ya feel me?!


So I  call myself out. It’s not their fault, its a two player game here. I  shift the blame and take full ownership, sometimes with my tail between my legs like a bad puppy but hey whatever its life and were meant to grow and learn. blah. Ok so here’s the 5 steps I   religiously put into action.


Step 1 (takes time)

Live it, get sick of it, want change. Call yourself out. FORGIVE FORGIVE FORGIVE IT ALL.


Step 2 (slowly shift)

Seek change. See how you can BE BETTER and then PRACTICE IT. (my favorites are getting inspired by people that I  admire in a phone call, a podcast, webinar or book. It opens my eyes to a NEW WAY and helps me feel not alone.)


Step 3 (Be vulnerable)

Get out of your own way. Ask. your higher power, angels, guides, ascended masters for HELP with it. Give it up to your Holy Spirit and TRUSTTTTT the guidance. SURRENDER and breath. “I release this from my life and I ask my Holy Spirit for help. Take this from me and show me the way.”


Step 4 (Be your HERO)

Be courageously brave, disciplined, and consistent even when you don’t feel like it or when you fluff up. BEGIN AGAIN, FOCUS and YOU WILL RECEIVE your shift in your FOCUS.


Step 5 (Live in JOY)

Welcome in the WORTHY ABDUNDANCE thoughts that YOU DESERVE THIS. Often times we jinx ourselves unconsciously, try and figure out what big ole LIE you need to jump OVER to break the cycle. Sometimes its a belief from childhood or a belief that society has bestowed upon us. Break it.


I  promise you this works when you WORK. Heck we’d all be ascended masters if it was easy as pie but ya know what we signed up for this LIFE and its up to us to welcome all the growth that comes with it.








Take ownership without guilt and shame and BE THE CHANGE YOU WISH FOR IN YOUR LIFE.




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