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Lean Into More Joy

In a world where anything is possible, why not choose to free yourself from the weight of the world, to choose your thoughts to be more loving and kind to yourself and others, and learn to lean into more joy. I'm here to tell you that it's all possible, to live in a way that honors what freedom means to you. You can be free. I'm so happy you're here. 
I am Stacy Read. I’m finding my way balancing the work my soul searches for, from passionate life coach to mommy and wife, all while cultivating self love.
In a world where you can literally BE ANYTHING, let's rise together and shine from within, let's find our way back to ourselves so we can feel good on the inside and out, so we can be our best selves, so we can lead by example for our kids and be the partner worthy of all the love you desire, and by God, so we can make this world a better place, person by person, light by light.
I'm here to tell you, you are not alone, together we will rise, you are worthy. 
You're about to take back your life, and live free. 
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What do you secretly wish was true about your life right now?

Let's make that wish a reality.

1:1 Coaching

To honor your time and to make things far more achievable, we meet via FaceTime or Zoom and make sh*t happen! I drop some serious truth bombs and wisdom on you and truly make YOU a priority!!

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Group Coaching

We match you with 3-5 people that are energetically aligned and looking for the same type of healing and guidance. Need something as sassy as 1v1 

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Discovery Call

Let's chat and discover what your motivation is, and where you want to go with it. This initial connection reveals all there is to offer and gets you looking forward to YOUR new way of being.

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“Working with Stacy has been game changing for me.  You might think that an hour every week or so... what’s the big deal?  I am a busy mom and entrepreneur with a deep desire to find peace, congruity, and unlock the fullest joy I can in my life.  And while I know I have a good sense of the “work” I need to do, Stacy has a warm, REAL, and honest way of helping you gain so much clarity and unpack the stuff (because we all have stuff!) without doing the work for you.  She is soulful, joy filled, and honest without judgement, and I can honestly say the few times we have worked together have made a huge impact on me, and I know it will for a long time to come.” 

Let's Do This

I can not wait to connect with you! Let's get started on your future self today.